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Tees/Wear Diffuse Metals Project

The Tees/Wear Diffuse Metals Project is being launched to help clean up rivers in the North Pennines. Metals, such as lead and zinc, from historic mine workings still make their way into the rivers and are toxic to river life.  

The Environment Agency and Coal Authority are already working to tackle point sources of metal pollution, such as those coming directly from mine entrances.  

However, a significant amount of contaminated sediment entering rivers come from numerous mining remains, such as spoil heaps, scattered across the landscape.

Funded by the Environment Agency and led by the Tees and Wear Rivers Trusts, the Tees/Wear Diffuse Metals Project will identify these diffuse sources of metal pollution and recommend measures to prevent contaminated sediment from entering watercourses.



Focussing on Killhope and Middlehope Burn catchments in Weardale and Hudeshope Beck and Egglestone Burn catchments in Teesdale the project will:

  • Use GIS-based desktop and walkover surveys to identify sources and pathways of diffuse metal pollution.
  • Recommend ‘green engineering’ measures (e.g.  natural bank revetment, sediment traps) to prevent polluted sediment from entering rivers.
  • Produce costed restoration plans for reducing diffuse metal pollution across the project catchments.
  • Work with a wide range of partner organisations, landowners and local independent experts to ensure that the historic, geological and ecological values of mining remains are upheld.


For further information about the project please contact:


For the Wear

For  the Tees

Lucy Lovett                                     

Metal Mines Officer                    

Wear Rivers Trust                                    

Low Barns,                                           

Witton-le-Wear                                        DL140AG                                                                            

Tel: 01388 488867

Mobile 07880 189232                                 


David Higgins

Tees Rivers Trust

The Clocktower Lodge

South Park,



Tel: 01325 787651

































































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